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Award Winning Company Auditions June 11, 2022
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Are you interested in elite training? Then Dance 1 is your destination!

At Dance 1, our focus is giving your dancer a powerful, classical ballet and classic jazz education, the strongest foundation on which your dancer can build their technique.  We supplement the classical technique with a well-rounded syllabus of multiple genres to assure that your dancer is getting an elite training to direct them on the road to a professional career, should they desire.

Dance 1 is proud to be the home of award winning performing companies and Redondo Ballet. Thank you for stopping by.

  • Redondo Ballet’s partnership with St. Columbkille has made experiencing the Arts a first hand reality. Their commitment and care towards us extends far beyond the stage and deep into our hearts. Our Kinder students had the opportunity to take part in Ballet in a Box; encountering the presence of the dancers on our own campus, watching them perform, interacting and learning from the dancers, to then share what was learned with our student body and families. This impacted the lives of all kinder students, particularly the boys, who were captivated by becoming lost boys and watching Peter Pan defeat Hook during the Ballet. We were blessed with costumes, music, and props to dance again and again!
    The most beautiful part of it all is the continued support that Redondo Ballet  has gifted to us; inviting our students, their families, and teachers to witness the beauty of the Ballet during Through the Pages and Snow Queen presentations. These types of performances are not common within our community, and it is only because of the open arms with which Redondo Ballet invites us, that our students have the opportunity to experience such as these.
    Redondo Ballet is more than a non-profit organization. It a group of Passionate ballet dancers, coaches, and educators who transmit their love for the Art in a compassionate way, in the most unlikely places, and in doing so, create lifelong friends.
    Jackie Hernandez St. Columbkille School

What We Offer

Whether you have aspirations as a professional dancer or you are looking for classes to enrich your life, you will feel at home with us. We offer classes for toddlers through seniors, beginners through professional. We look forward to guiding you on your dance journey.

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