The Gift of Yoga

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As our schedules begin to fill up this back-to-school season, it is important not to forget the importance of “down time” or “me time.” But here is the thing… we often think of this as something us parents require, and we forget about how important this personal space is for our children as well.

Over my years of teaching, I have learned that our kids are looking to us as parents and caregivers to give them “the nod” to slow down, relax and connect with the peace and quiet that lies deep within. Yoga is a gift to our kids that provides an opportunity to explore what their body feels like in space. With this exploration they can learn to listen and respect their body, become aware of the quality of their mind after a long and often drama filled day at school, and get in touch with the soothing sound and feeling of their own unique breath. This practice gives kids the space to listen to their heart and learn to follow the inner wisdom that lies deep within, while also strengthening their physical bodies and deepening their flexibility, both mentally and physically.

Students being “fireworks” during Chinese New Year!

Yoga should not be thought of as an extra activity that might zap the little energy our kids have left to give, but rather as a gift that will only fill up their cups so that they have more to give to their families, their studies and their activities. As important as it is to brush those teeth or eat those vegetables, so is finding this “down time,” this “me time,” this “Yoga time.”

Dance 1 provides Yoga for Kids with Kari Chatterji on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00. Kari has three children of her own and has found a calling to connect children to their true potential. She finds that sharing Yoga helps them tap into that innate inner joy.

Find out more about Teacher Kari or sign up for a class today.

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