Melek Karakus

    Melek is a versatile dancer and actress who has numerous credits in TV, Film, Commercials, and Theatre. Melek graduated from Broadway Dance Centre in Sydney Australia where she received her Certificate IV in performing arts. Shortly after, Melek went on to having a successful career traveling around the world dancing and acting for various shows, productions, and artists.

    Her theatre works include playing ‘Alice’ In the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Musical in Dubai, touring with the ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Tour’ in China, performing at Universal Studios in Singapore, and was a resident dancer for ‘Cirque Du Soleil’s’ Australian tour for their ‘Le Noir’ show.
    She has performed for many artists including Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, David Guetta, Tyga and appeared in ‘Drake’ and ‘Tyga’s’ music videos.

    Melek has been a Creative Director and Choreographer for Ministry of Sound and AquaNova in Singapore. She also choreographed the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Musical in Dubai, as well as the Ultimate Pink Tribute Tour in Australia.

    Melek has been part of two contemporary dance companies, both ‘DUTI’ and ‘Locreado’ based in Australia where they performed for various festivals such as the ‘Sydney Fringe Festival’ where they received high recognition.

    You can now find Melek living in Los Angeles working as an actress. Apart from her love of acting, Melek has a passion for health, which has led her to be studying and practicing Yoga and Ayurveda, a holistic approach of ancient wisdom and medicine for overall well-being. With all these elements, Melek hopes to teach everything she has learned having a successful career as a dancer, to young dancers who are aspiring to do the same.

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