With effect from 7/25/21

Our tuition fees are due every 4 weeks.  If you start a class mid cycle, fees will be pro-rated. Fees are due either before or during the first week. Late payments will incur an additional fee of $25.

Hours per week 4-week tuition Multiple class discount per student  Discount
1 hour per week $90.00    $22.50 per class
2 hours per week $180.00    $22.50 per class
3 hours per week $261.84    $21.82 per class 3%
4 hours per week $341.92    $21.37 per class 5%
5 hours per week $405.00    $20.25 per class 10%
6 hours per week $469.68    $19.57 per class 13%
7 hours per week $535.36    $19.12 per class 15%
8 hours per week $597.44    $18.67 per class 17%
9 hours per week $648.00    $18.00 per class 20%
10 hours per week $674.80 $16.87 per class

Combo 2/3 (30 mins)

  • $60 every 4 weeks – ($15.00per class)

Combo 3 (45 mins)

  • $70 every 4 weeks – ($17.50 per class)

Combo 4 (45 mins)

  • $70 every 4 weeks – ($17.50 per class)

Combo 5

  • $90 every 4 weeks – ($22.50 per class)

Drop-In Rates (Non-Adult)

  • $20 per 30 min class
  • $27.50 per 60 min class
  • $42.50 for 90 min class

Adult Classes

  • Drop-Ins (Single Class): $27.50
  • 8-class punch card:  $175 ($21.88 per class)
  • 20-class punch card: $360 ($18.00 per class)
  • Please treat your punch card like cash.
  • Good for any adult class.
  • Does not expire.
  • There are no refunds.


Unlimited Class Package:

Students can attend an unlimited number of classes (including performing companies) for a fixed 4 weekly fee of $640 per pupil. In order to provide continuity and progression we ask that you still enroll in your main classes. When dropping in for additional classes inform front desk to be entered on the roll. In the case of an anticipated prolonged absence, a vacation for example, see front desk and they’ll calculate the best option to take up that month.

*Class discounts cannot be used in conjunction with this package.


credit card *

* Best option: For your convenience, a credit card may be kept on file and will be automatically charged at the beginning of each session; you’re guaranteed to keep all your discounts and avoid any late fees with this method of payment! If you choose the auto-pay option, please notify us at least two weeks in advance of any changes to your class schedule so that you are billed correctly.

Payment options available – check with the front desk before the start of class.

Pro-rating Tuition:

We will happily pro-rate tuition if you are a new student who is starting mid-session. If your tuition is pro-rated you are not eligible to receive multi-class discounts.


If you are on vacation and will miss class, you may either pay tuition for a 4-week session and take a make-up for the missed class, or you may pay the drop-in rate for the classes that you will attend in that session.


If a child who is enrolled at the studio unexpectedly misses a class, they (or anyone in their immediate family) can make it up within 6 weeks, after which the make-up expires. The make-up can be taken in any class of equivalent duration. Please see the front desk for your make-up.

Audit Policy:

A child who is new to the studio may try ONE class for just $10, before deciding to enroll.

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