General Guidelines

  • Help keep our studio beautiful and high-performance by NOT wearing dance shoes outside (that includes “just running in”) as it will destroy our floor and your shoes. Parents and siblings, please don’t walk across the floor in outside shoes.
  • No food or drink in the studio at any time (including siblings watching). You may bring water with a closed top – no open water cups on the dance floor.
  • Lost and found – please see front desk. These items will be removed at the end of every month, so check quickly!
  • No video or photo taking of classes or note taking without instructor approval BEFORE class.

Please keep our dancers safe:

  • Make sure your dancers are covered up when coming and going.
  • Punctuality – as part of their professional training we expect our dancers to be on time to class. This reduces interruption for others and also provides the correct warm up time to prevent injury.
  • We would also ask that parents do their utmost to be on time to collect their child. Our teachers are extremely dedicated and hardworking but also have other commitments to get to.

For policies about tuition, make-ups and more, please visit our Tuition page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dancers need to wear uniforms?

We have uniforms for several reasons. First, it is cost efficient and convenient for parents. We also find that wearing uniforms evens the playing field in the classrooms. It also helps the instructors to see the class as a whole. Furthermore, dancing is a discipline, and uniforms and ballet buns are a part of this discipline.

Why are you so strict about your dance shoes and floors?

We do not allow outside shoes on our dance floors, and we ask that all dance shoes are not worn outside of the studio. Being in Southern California, sand, dirt and other contaminants are easily brought in on shoes. Our aim is to keep our floors high-performing and clean for our dancers who may touch, sit or lay on the floor during class.

Tell me about the recitals.

Dance 1 offers two dancer spotlights per year, in May and early December. The shows are optional and an opportunity for each dancer to showcase their hard work. Typically, the May show is outdoors, and the December show is in an auditorium. There is an additional fee to be involved in the show, which includes the costume. You can read more about our recitals here.

What is the point of freeze dance?

What we call freeze dance is actually improvisation. There is a progression of age-appropriate steps involved, from using props (scarves) to move the body, to identifying fast and slow, to identifying the emotion behind the music, to eventually dancing to that emotion. It is an opportunity to connect to the music, and have the music tell dancers how to move, instead of the instructor modeling it.

Can we make up a missed class?

Of course!  We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we offer a generous make-up policy.  If a dancer unexpectedly misses a class, he/she or anyone in the immediate family may take a make-up within 4 weeks of the missed class.  After 4 weeks the make-up is forfeited.  A student needs to be enrolled in a class in order to take make-ups, and make-ups do not replace tuition.  When taking a make-up, please see the front desk to fill out a make-up slip before going to class.

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