At Dance 1 we love to offer our dancers opportunities to perform, and to that end, we offer two recitals each year to showcase our dancers and their hard work.

In spring, we have a lovely outdoor show at Wilson Park in Torrance, which is a beautiful, relaxing setting to enjoy the show.  There are no tickets required to attend this show…bring a blanket and picnic, and enjoy an afternoon of music and dance with us.  During our spring showcase, we also spotlight our wonderful dads with our “Daddy Dance.”  This is an opportunity for dancers to create a special memory with dad on stage.

Our winter showcase is held in an auditorium for a more traditional recital.  All of our students, from beginners to advanced, from toddlers to adults, are invited to perform in both recitals.

For all ages, all levels, we hope you recognize the hard work and see the sense of accomplishment, pride, strength, and camaraderie that accompanies performing.  Though your dancer may be on stage for a short time, being a part of the show experience gives your dancer an opportunity to feel a part of the larger studio community, and also to see other genres of dance and other levels of mastery.  It allows them to share something they love with the people who are most important to them.  And that is a grand experience that stays with you long past the moment you step off the stage.

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Dancing in the Recital? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you require makeup for shows? My dancer is too young or doesn’t wear makeup.

Stage makeup is a part of the history and drama of performance. Stage lights drown out features and stage makeup helps the audience to see the features and expressions of dancers.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes.  The extra fee includes the costume(s) which the dancer keeps.  It also helps to cover show-related expenses.  We strive to keep the fees as low as possible.

Do we need to purchase tickets?

There are no tickets required to attend our spring recital, held outdoors at Wilson Park.  Tickets are required for the winter recital.  Unlike many other studios, there is no requirement to sell tickets to others.  We appreciate our volunteers, and those volunteering do not need a ticket for the show.

Tell me about volunteering.

We count on our fabulous volunteers to help the show run smoothly and ensure the well-being of our dancers.  Volunteers never pay to attend the show, and will be able to see their dancers perform.  We love to see dads help, too!  This is especially appreciated during the spring show when tents, tables, and our complete stage and sound system are all transported to the park.


What is the cast party like?

We like to hold our cast party before the show, so that dancers have an opportunity to get to know each other and bond before show day.  This also helps any younger dancers and first-timers to feel more comfortable back stage.  We play ice-breakers, dress up and have free dance.  Dancers may also break into small groups and create their own choreography, as well as perform it in front of their peers.  The cast party is for ages 5 and up who are registered for the recital.

Why don’t you spend more time on choreography?

We strive to produce a wonderful show to highlight our dancers and for all to enjoy.  But what might surprise some is that this is not our primary goal. What helps to set Dance 1 apart is that our primary goal is to provide our dancers with a top-notch dance education, and not just drill show choreography.  This translates on stage as individuals who love to dance and are supported in their endeavor.  A great show is a result of this overall training and support.  Most of our class time is spent learning technique, and we dedicate about 10 minutes at the end of class to working on choreography.  Even if your dancer is not participating in the show, it is a valuable skill to be able to learn choreography from one week to the next.  We make sure that all recital choreography is available so that dancers can rehearse at home and be confident on show day.

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