Studio Etiquette and Expectations of Dancers

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While we love for students to enjoy their time at Dance 1, we do have certain expectations to show respect for the studio, teachers and classmates, create an appropriate learning environment, and encourage proper discipline. Teachers also reflect on these things when it is time to consider dancers for promotion.

For the youngest dancers, we ask that they:

  • Refrain from running in the studio
  • Do not hang on the barres
  • Do not touch the mirrors

For leveled classes, we ask that they:

  • Wear their uniform
  • Bring and use their journal (if applicable)
  • For Ballet:
    • Wear a bun that stays for the duration of class
    • Wear their alignment belt and correct shoes

We ask that all dancers:

  • Arrive on time and are ready to enter the studio at the start of class
  • Know their choreography, if given
  • Pick up after themselves
  • Refrain from using electronics in the studio, except as necessary for parent communication and/or homework
  • Be kind and respectful to others and themselves

Thank you for helping to create an enjoyable and respectful environment in your studio.

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