Standing Still

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Whatever stage you’re at in your dance journey, having good stability and balance is a must. Standing still has never been so tricky! And that is because you aren’t ever standing still when you’re balancing. Staying balanced isn’t a matter of standing rigidly in one spot. Balance is found by continually shifting the body to make subtle adjustments.

As with much of dance, balance relies on cognitive and physical skills and strength. Your mental attitude plays a huge part. Have you ever stood perfectly in position, only to wobble and fall out the minute your teacher walks by? That’s your confidence letting you down!

Here are a few tips on how to improve your overall balance:

Make sure your base is strong. Weak ankles mean wobbles! There is a reason for those barre exercises. Work hard and they will help to strengthen the muscles that allow for the side-to-side movement of the foot (supination and pronation).

Strengthen your core. While the muscles in your foot, ankle and lower leg help maintain balance, a strong core plays a key role in finding your stability.

Practice without a mirror. If you only practice and rehearse with a mirror, you become used to correcting yourself on a visual cue rather than gaining a feel for your center and stability. It will then be a difficult task to balance on stage.

Challenge yourself. Push yourself! If you feel you’ve mastered the art of balancing, try with your eyes closed or try on a slope, or an uneven surface.

Test your limits. Take risks in the studio. Go further off-balance and keep control, maintain your pose just a little longer. Keep reaching for new goals.

Find a focus point. Directing your eyes toward a spot on the wall or a light at the back of the theater can help you keep your balance longer. Just be sure to keep your eyes off the floor—keep them lifted with an outward focus.

Step away from the barre. Once you’re capable of performing a movement well at the barre, try it in the center without that support – mental and physical!

Positive thinking. Negative thoughts are only going to bring you down, literally! Try visualizing yourself perfectly balanced.

Keep Trying. Nothing succeeds like success. The more you accomplish, the more you’ll believe you can.

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