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Thinking about taking a dance class yourself?  Take some advice from a couple of existing dancers:

Amy M:

I started dancing when I was eight and continued to dance through college. Then marriage, children and adult life came along and I thought that part of my life was over. About five years ago, a friend told me about Dance 1 and encouraged me to take a class. My first class was adult tap on Monday night with Tyler. Despite being extremely rusty and wearing the wrong kind of tap shoes, I was hooked. Tyler is clearly very talented and his fun, creative and challenging choreography helped me to rediscover the part of myself that loves to dance. I also began taking adult ballet classes with Francesca. Her passion and love for dance is contagious. She treats her adult dancers with such respect and believes in each dancer’s potential. Her commitment to all her dancers, no matter what their age or level of experience, makes you believe that you can achieve your goals.

At Dance 1, adult classes aren’t just an afterthought. Adults are treated with the same level of respect, energy, dedication and commitment as any of the developing dancers. My favorite class, Saturday morning adult ballet, is the perfect example of the spirit of Dance 1 and what makes this studio so special. The dancers range in age from teens to 40 plus and represent a range of dance experience. But we all lose ourselves in the beautiful live piano music of Eelean Oh and the brilliant choreography of Francesca. If you have ever considered trying an adult class, please give yourself the gift of dance. It is great for the body, mind and soul!

Thomas P:

I always loved watching old Hollywood movies when I was growing up, especially if it featured tap dancing. I remember putting thumb tacks on the bottom of my shoes so I could pretend to tap, although it wasn’t a very successful idea! It’s such a great form of dance with so many influences and styles. I love how it challenges the brain with rhythms that range from simple to complex.

Apart from obvious health and social benefits like mental and physical fitness and meeting new people, dance feeds my soul and makes me happy. I know that sounds cliché, but seriously, I’d rather go to a dance class than to the gym any day!

If you are considering taking a class, I say do it! It’s never too late! You’ll benefit in so many ways. I started learning when I was an adult and I’m just sorry I let almost 20 years go by before jumping back in. I look forward to class every week.


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