An Interview with Preschool & Camp Director, Ms Erin

How long have you been working at Dance 1? On Halloween this year, I will have worked at Dance 1 for 3 years. Yes, my very first classes were on […]


Exciting New Company Season

We are excited to announce company arrangements ahead of the new season! Auditions for company will be Saturday, June 9th at 2:00pm. Requirements for Company audition: Jazz 2 black belt or […]


Nationals, Palm Springs

Competition Details Click below to watch our competing dancers on Live Stream! http://moveproductionsdance.com/ See below the schedule of times to watch them! Nationals! Saturday, JULY 7TH [...]


Move Competition Results

  Dance 1 had a fantastic weekend at Move Competition. Congratulations to all the dancers!!                  Group Size Category Award Small Group Ballet Torn […]


The Benefits of Competitive Dancing

In these times when competition dancing is bigger than ever, we take a look at the benefits of competitive dancing, for the dancer who puts themselves out in this high […]


Standing Still

Whatever stage you’re at in your dance journey, having good stability and balance is a must. Standing still has never been so tricky! And that is because you aren’t ever […]


Tips for higher extensions

The Benefits of Ballet for Adults

Once thought of as the young person’s pastime, classical ballet is now fast becoming one of the most popular physical workouts for adults. A holistic art, ballet requires mind, body […]

What is the Pointe?

So you’ve mastered the art of buying ballet slippers, only to be told your child is moving on to the next level. This is a great moment of celebration in […]

To Full-sole or split-sole, that is the question!

Buying your ballet shoes can be an overwhelming task. The range of styles, fabrics, and variations is greater than it has ever been. At Dance 1 we have clear ideas […]

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