Standing Still

Whatever stage you’re at in your dance journey, having good stability and balance is a must. Standing still has never been so tricky! And that is because you aren’t ever […]


Tips for higher extensions

What is the Pointe?

So you’ve mastered the art of buying ballet slippers, only to be told your child is moving on to the next level. This is a great moment of celebration in […]


Some advice for New parents…

  Hi parents, We are so excited by our growth and the changes going on here at Dance 1. We hope that you will find them as exciting and fulfilling […]


About Mini Performing Company (Ages 6-9)

Learn more about Dance 1's Mini Performing Company for ages 6-9.


About Performing Company (Ages 10+)

Learn more about Dance 1's Performing Company for ages 10 and up.


Classes for Homeschooling Families

Get to know all of the benefits that Dance 1 offers to Homeschooling families!


About Redondo Ballet

Learn more about Redondo Ballet, Dance 1's elite ballet company.


Insights from our Adult Dancers

Thinking about taking an adult class? Here is some advice from our current dancers...


Dance-Inspired Holiday Gifts and Crafts

The holidays are filled with ways you can incorporate your love of dance, from DIY gift ideas, to crafts for those vacation days, to home decorations. Here are some ideas you’ll want to know about…

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