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If you have a question or concern, we encourage you to ask your teacher, the front desk, or Miss Francesca. Here are a few frequently asked questions that we hear from families, both new and seasoned.

Why do dancers need to wear uniforms?

Our smallest dancers (toddler through combo classes) may come to class with fairy wings, pig tails, glittery tu-tus…whatever makes them feel special. When our dancers reach leveled classes, however, we require uniforms for several reasons. First, it is cost efficient and convenient for parents. We carry uniforms in our in-studio boutique, and because we order in bulk, we can pass on good prices to our parents. We also find that wearing uniforms evens the playing field in the classrooms, and also minimizes distractions. It also helps the instructors to see the class as a whole. Furthermore, dancing is a discipline, and uniforms and ballet buns are a part of this discipline.

Why do you require makeup for shows? My dancer is too young or doesn’t wear makeup.

Stage makeup is a part of the history and drama of performance. Stage lights drown out features and stage makeup helps the audience to see the features and expressions of dancers. As Miss Francesca says, if your young dancer doesn’t want to wear makeup, don’t make her. However, if its daddy who doesn’t want her to wear makeup, put it on 🙂

Can I watch class?

Absolutely! We have an open studio and love to have parents watching. You have several options, and which you choose may depend on the disposition of your dancer. You can watch through a one-way window, on the closed-circuit T.V. in the lounge, or you may sit in the classroom. If you sit in the classroom, we ask that you help preserve the learning atmosphere by not entering/exiting during class, remaining quiet and not being otherwise disruptive. We want our dancers to have a quality classroom experience.

Why don’t you allow street shoes on the studio floors?

Dance 1 is proud to have the highest quality Russian Birch floating floors. Here in Southern California, shoes collect sand and debris and those elements can destroy the floors. Furthermore, we ask this for hygienic reasons….our dancers often use the floors with every part of their bodies, and we want to maintain a clean environment for them. This is why we also ask that dance shoes never be worn outside: we require dancers to cover or remove dance shoes when coming to and departing from class and shows.

What is the point of freeze dance?

What we call freeze dance is actually improvisation. There is a progression of age-appropriate steps involved, from using props (scarves) to move the body, to identifying fast and slow, to identifying the emotion behind the music, to eventually dancing to that emotion. It is an opportunity to connect to the music, and have the music tell dancers how to move, instead of the instructor modeling it.

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