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The length of time that any dancer spends at a level varies by the individual. The criteria used to promote also depends on their age. As they grow in dance, they will have to demonstrate that they understand the appropriate concepts, terminology, and technique. There is no set time of the year when dancers are promoted, though if a dancer is signed up for a recital, they cannot move between levels (or classes) until after the show. If you would like to sit down and discuss specific goals for your dancer or have questions about what skills are required in your dancer’s level, please make an appointment to discuss this with your teacher and Miss Francesca.

Occasionally you may see a student in a class who appears to be above or below the class level. This is nothing to worry about. Dancers who take multiple classes often have a “home” class or level, and then are both challenged in a more advance class and allowed to be an outstanding example in a lower level class. We use a curriculum for all classes, and it is important that dancers master a certain set of skills before they can be expected to be successful at the next level. Dancers who are new to the studio can be assessed, if necessary, to find the appropriate level for them.

We strive to both celebrate and challenge all of our dancers, no matter where they are in their dance journey.

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