Jazz Classes

The fundamentals of classic jazz are the foundation of the jazz department at Dance 1. The development of body alignment, coordination, balance and rhythmic awareness coupled with the correct terminology and technique starts the jazz dancer on their journey. We expand and develop musicality and phrasing and build skills that create a well-rounded, technically strong and advanced jazz dancer.


Pre-Jazz is a lively class that builds a foundation for integration into Jazz 1. A young dancer will be introduced to the terminology, elements, understand the speed at which jazz moves and learn the body alignment necessary to perform the elements and stretches in jazz, even incorporating games that reinforce the jazz technique. Fun, fun, fun!

Jazz I

A high-energy class that teaches the fundamentals of classic jazz including the development of body alignment, coordination, balance and rhythmic awareness. The Jazz 1 dancer learns the correct terminology and technique while having a blast in class!

Note: Pre-jazz at Dance 1, or a teacher observation to determine appropriate level, required.

Jazz II

Jazz 2 builds on the fundamentals learned in Jazz 1, while expanding and developing musicality and phrasing. The Jazz 2 dancer adds skills ranging from contractions to triple step, to pas de bouree pivoting, to isolations, to double pirouettes and much more. The fun is added for free!

Jazz III

Jazz 3 is a more advanced class for the dancer who is proficient in the jazz technique. The Jazz 3 dancer will work on rhythmic phrasing of slow, medium, fast and half-beat tempos while connecting a song’s rhythm and lyrics, to emotion. Skills taught include: forced arch to triple pirouettes, to barrel turns, to battement sauté, to pump turns, to all pirouettes en dehors and en dedans, to stylized jazz walks, runs and strut and much, much more!

Jazz IV

Jazz 4 is advanced jazz. The jazz 4 dancer perfects firebirds, triple and quad pirouettes, pump turns in combination, grande fan jumps and many other advanced moves, as well as adding Latin rhythms.

Stylized Jazz

A highly creative and rhythmic form of dance, Stylized Jazz takes the dancer on a journey from Broadway to African Jazz to Fosse and beyond. It’s an immersion into intricate body lines, elaborate hand movements, storytelling, high-attitude and fun!

Note: Jazz 2 black belt or higher OR Ballet II black belt or higher required.

Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk is all about the rhythm. It’s a hybrid of hip-hop and jazz with a lot of flavor thrown in. Jazz Funk incorporates elongated jazz lines blended with staccato tight moves to create a high-energy style.

Note: Jazz 2 black belt or higher OR Ballet II black belt or higher required.

Stretches & Leaps

A 45-minute class that focuses on how the muscle groups are connected and how to properly stretch them. Flexibility is so important for dancers and this class will help your dancer achieve the flexibility that will prove to be invaluable. After stretching, we’ll put that flexibility to use as the dancer learns the correct articulation and technique of leaps from beginning to advanced.


A focused and fun ½ hour of the fundamentals of turns (both ballet and jazz pirouettes). We’ll cover the technique of spotting, to pivot turns, to step turns, to the correct articulation of the feet, legs and arms in chaines, piques and pirouettes, to the more advanced turns as your dancer progresses to the higher turns levels.


Contemporary utilizes elements from classical ballet, classic jazz and modern. The Contemporary dancer learns to employ the use of deep pliés, contraction-release, hinge, developpe, sauté and more: sometimes in non-traditional ways, being free to delve into, and create, sculpted body shapes and lines and experimenting with shifting rhythms, direction and speed, while exploring the emotional quality that connects dramatic movement to the music.


Note: Ballet II / Jazz 2 and up required

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A child who is new to the studio may audit up to three different classes at $10 each before deciding.

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