Ballet Classes

Ballet serves as a backbone for many other styles of dance, (notably jazz and contemporary) as many other dance genres are based on ballet. Ballet is based on techniques that have been developed over centuries, and uses music and dance to tell stories.


This is an hour long class which prepares your child for the rigors of Ballet 1 instruction.  We will focus on learning proper classroom etiquette, basic ballet terminology and movement, while also allowing for creative movement and freestyle to occur in structured activities.  This is a perfect transition class for a student to increase their confidence in their ballet basics, while integrating fun activities throughout class.

Note: Suitable for 6 or 7 year old with no previous ballet experience.

Ballet I Age 7+

This wonderful world is the start of a life-long passion for this art form. Our goal is to guide your dancer in a syllabus that makes sense to their bodies. This serves as the foundational building block to create a strong versatile dancer. The curriculum allows steps to be introduced as the body is ready, making the dancer successful. Correct terminology is used and correct body placement is emphasized for creating both beautiful lines and keeping injury free. Your dancer will keep a dance journal which they will bring to each class. The journal allows them to keep track of steps that have made them proud.

Note: Pre-ballet at Dance 1 or a teacher observation to determine appropriate level, is required.

Ballet I Age 10+


This class is focussed specifically on the slightly older dancer who is new to ballet. Dancers will follow the Ballet I syllabus delivered in a style appropriate to their age.

Ballet II

As dancers continue their study they begin to focus on their lines, straight knees, and turn out from the hip – that starts to become the dancers responsibility. A dancer is becoming more aware of finding the “perfect” line, and feeling if they are on the right tract. During this year we talk about the emotion behind the line, and we help them discover their “performance”. We continue the journal in Ballet II, along with noting what made them proud in class, they also add what they learned.

Ballet III

Dancers in this level are becoming more serious in their study and are required to be enrolled in multiple ballet classes per week. The syllabus continues to add steps that the body can assimilate easily. Correct body placement and terminology continues to be used. During this year, the journal becomes even more important, as they add something that they will work toward during their next class. At Dance 1, all our classes build on the previous class, the journal entries help the dancer become involved in the process. At this level, they may audition for Redondo Ballet, please see Francesca for more information.

Two Ballet classes per week are required.


Pre Pointe is introduced once a dancer shows readiness. Sometimes this is for an entire class other times it may be an individual dancer. This is a special time and one that should not be rushed. Successful pointe is accomplished because the dancer is ready to accept the challenge of work sur la pointe. At Dance 1, we believe that no matter how strong your dancer is, it is better to wait until they are 13 to progress to pointe shoes. The plates in their feet have had more time to mature and they are ready mentally for this important milestone. We would be more than happy to talk with you and your dancer about any concerns they may have regarding the pointe process.

Ballet III required.

Ballet IV, V, VI, VII

Dancers at these levels continue to work on technique, performance, strengthening and building their knowledge of work. These dancers are working in ballet classes 4+ times a week. Pointe and conditioning are also a part of this program.

Depending on the level, 3-5 Ballet classes per week are required.

Pointe I

A Class dedicated to pointe work. Suitable for both adults and children.

5 Ballet classes per week are required.

30 min. class

Pointe II

A Class dedicated to pointe work. Suitable for both adults and children.

5 Ballet classes per week are required.

One hour class.

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Children who are new to the studio may audit up to three different classes for just $10 each before deciding.

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