Ages 2-6 yrs

Adult & Me

Adult & Me class provides an opportunity for a child to take their first steps into the world of dance with the support of their caregiver. We will be exploring movement, stretching, working on our gross motor skills, and learning the basics of ballet and dance, in a fun and supportive environment. This class is designed to develop your child’s independence and confidence, whilst working on their movement skills, setting them up for a smooth transition to independent dance classes.

Age: 2-5 yrs

Caregivers: parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies – all caregivers are welcome to accompany their child in this class.

Dress Code:

Girls:  Pink ballet shoes, tights and any leotard.

Boys:  Shorts and t-shirt, black ballet shoes.

Adult caregivers:  Barefoot, with comfortable clothing you can move in.

Toddler Age 2 – 3

Students in this class will begin to learn basic ballet steps, while working on coordination, balance, taking turns, and independence.  There will be plenty of time for your little one to explore movement through creative dance activities and to find out what their bodies can do!

Combo 3

Suitable for 3 year olds, this class begins with a tap curriculum for your dancer to learn rhythm and tap steps that utilize both large leg movements and smaller fine foot movements.  Ballet curriculum will be taught using correct terminology, and creative dance activities will be used throughout the class to keep your students interest and energy up, all while developing their coordinated movement such as hopping, skipping, and balancing.

Combo 4

Suitable for 4 year olds, or 5 year olds that are new to dance, this class builds on our Combo 3 curriculum.  We begin with tap, focusing on music, rhythm, and beats.  Body placement and musicality are emphasized through ballet and creative dance activities in this class.  Ballet terminology continues to expand, as well as learning the different ways to move throughout the classroom.

Combo 5

Suitable for 5 year olds, or 6 year olds that are new to dance, this class completes our Combo series of classes, adding an additional style of dance, jazz.  This class will begin with tap, in which we introduce more tap steps and step combinations.  We will continue to build on the ballet curriculum, focusing on terminology, body placement, and stretching.  Jazz dance will increase awareness of body placement whilst familiarizing students with basic jazz movement.  On completion of this class, students will be able to make an informed decision on which styles to take in a one hour class of focussed instruction.

Not Sure?

Children who are new to the studio may audit up to three different classes at $10 each before deciding.

We want you to find the perfect fit!

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