Welcome to Dance 1’s choreography portal.  This page houses choreography for select classes for the Spring and Winter recitals.  For leveled classes, you will be invited in towards the end of the class to video the choreography.  Please plan to be present with a recording device.

Practice outside of class time makes for polished and confident dancers on show day!  If you have questions, please speak with your teacher.




Bluebirds - Combo 5

Ants - Combo 4

Sunshine - Combo 3

Flowers - Toddler class

Adult Tap - Raining Men

Adult Tap - Raining Men - new section broken down

Daddy Dance - Everyone

Daddy Dance - 3-6yrs - Solo1

Daddy Dance - 3-6yrs - Solo2

Daddy Dance - 7-10yrs - Solos 1&2

Kids' Hip Hop - Pop through the Era's

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