Building Stamina in Dancers

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You’re performing beautifully when, UH-OH, in the middle of your dance you run out of steam! You start breathing really hard because you’re super tired and UGH, there’s a jete coming!! I – CAN’T – GET – OFF – THE – GROUND!!! OH NO – IT’S THE I’M TOO TIRED TO GET THROUGH MY DANCE ALERT!!!

How do you fix this horrible problem?

BUILD STAMINA!!! Our body adapts to our daily routine, so our regular classes don’t necessarily build our stamina. You need to fold in fitness training outside of your regular dance classes to build your stamina. Our bodies need to be challenged to build stamina. Cardiovascular exercises that improve our fitness levels not only make us healthier human beings but they improve our immune system as well. To develop better stamina you can ride a bike, do aerobic exercises, walk at a brisk pace, swim and jog or run. Any exercise that gets the heart pumping for a sustained amount of time is great. When you improve your stamina, the brain can focus on your beautiful moves and fabulous emotional quality and not the fact that you’re tired and might not make it through the number. Avoid the I’m too tired to get through my dance alert and build your stamina!!

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