RBC Visits Missoula, MT for Ballet Beyond Borders

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January 9-12, 2019 — Redondo Ballet’s Ms. Francesca Stern, Ms. Donna Perkins-Mooney (Co-Directors RBC) and Dr. Stern traded the California breeze for Missoula, Montana’s snow-capped mountains at Ballet Beyond Borders. Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre presented the annual gathering where young dancers showcased their work and learned from US-based and international teachers, choreographers and artistic directors from 27 countries.

RMBT describes Ballet Beyond Borders as a Ballet Nation that serves as a catalyst for promoting cooperation and easing conflict by “creating mutual understanding and using dance to advocate for human rights, justice, and global peace.” This event is unique in that it “offered engaging panel discussions that examine the role of the arts in social justice.  It highlighted the value of leadership and diplomacy,” according to Francesca Stern, RBC/Dance1.

Companies and dancers presented from 27 countries.  With a stellar roster of dancers from around the world, dancers from Italy stood out among the rest with their storytelling. Ms. Donna describes dance, “as a storytelling element, [that] can captivate audiences, and they [Italy] reinforced this fact with a contemporary piece about the misuse of power and the internal struggles and profound sadness that it can cause.”  

The message and inspiration that the RBC team came home fueled by their mission to be a home for the art of dance in the South Bay, all while empowering young dancers to pursue their passion for dance.  Their determination is evident on the stage and off through programs that pursue dance as a necessary element in education. Dr. Stern, who attended with the directing team, saw the vision and mission of RBC reinforced at Ballet Beyond Borders.  Ms. Francesca and Ms. Donna’s presentation was “true to the purpose and spirit of Ballet-in-a-Box.”

RBC is Recognized

During the 4-day event, Redondo Ballet Company’s Ballet-in-a-Box was recognized and awarded the Cultural Diplomacy award for their effort to actively promote Global Understanding through the Arts.  Ballet-in-a-Box visits youth and specific learning communities who lack the resources to maintain an arts program.  The RBC team of directors and dancers rehearse and mentor the recipients of the Box and, when ready, the newly trained dancers perform the scene for their community. The  new dancers retain all the contents of the box and continue to share the experience with others.

RBC is grateful to the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and the many dancers who put forth their best foot during this competition and conference week.  Together we will continue to leave our footprints on the global stage.

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