Aspire to Having “Grit”

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As parents we all wish the very best for our kids. But we may not always agree on what that looks like in everyday life. When a child struggles with something, a parent may swoop in and try to fix it, or encourage them to work harder. Sometimes it’s hard to see a child experience discomfort, but the most rewarding achievements are often the ones that don’t come easily. In fact, what if you knew that the ability to bounce back from failure (along with complementary traits) matters more to a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential than intelligence, skill, or even grades?

Sometimes we have parents who are upset that their dancer has not been promoted with his or her peers. When it is time to promote dancers to the next level, Dance 1 promotes based on merit. You can read more about dance promotions here on the blog. We are happy to discuss your dancer’s goals and get them on the path to success. But it doesn’t come without some dedication and hard work.

Here is an interesting article on “grit.” Next time you may look at your child’s minor setbacks as a blessing, along with their sense of accomplishment when they finally reach their goal.

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