Tips for higher extensions

What is the Pointe?

So you’ve mastered the art of buying ballet slippers, only to be told your child is moving on to the next level. This is a great moment of celebration in […]

To Full-sole or split-sole, that is the question!

Buying your ballet shoes can be an overwhelming task. The range of styles, fabrics, and variations is greater than it has ever been. At Dance 1 we have clear ideas […]


When is your dancer ready to go en pointe?

  When young dancers begin their ballet journey their goal is to dance en-pointe, emulating the beautiful lines and imagery associated with the iconic ballet dancer. Whilst aiming for this [...]


Some advice for New parents…

  Hi parents, We are so excited by our growth and the changes going on here at Dance 1. We hope that you will find them as exciting and fulfilling […]


The Gift of Yoga

As our schedules begin to fill up this back-to-school season, it is important not to forget the importance of "down time" or "me time." But here is the thing... we often think of this as [...]


Eating Tips for Dancers

We all know that dancing takes a healthy, strong body. We asked our resident fitness expert, instructor and dancer, Sondi Kroeger Foley, what she eats for fitness, endurance and energy, [...]


Building Stamina in Dancers

You're performing beautifully when, UH-OH, in the middle of your dance you run out of steam! You start breathing really hard because you're super tired and UGH, there's a jete coming!! I - CAN'T [...]

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