A Letter from Dance 1 Regarding COVID-19

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Dear Dance 1 Families,

We are sending you all good wishes and continued good health. In light of our current environment, we have been talking about what is best for our families and staff. We have decided to KEEP dancing! You can join us in the studio or virtually, it’s your choice! So there is NO need to stop doing what we love – dancing! We believe that it is important to keep going and provide some constant in these uncertain times. Our studio will however implement the following:

Stay home if you are feeling unwell or have traveled outside the country.

Dancers will all wash their hands as they enter the studio, during water breaks, and before each class.

We are asking that parents drop off their dancers for class and do not come into the studio. For our younger dancers, we will have greeters to meet your dancers and escort them to and from class.

For those of you feeling uncertain we will now offer ONLINE classes! You will receive an email and simply log on! More information will follow.

As we write this, please know we will keep dancing. For many of us this is more than a place to dance, it is our community, something we treasure, and will continue to nurture. We know that this is a happy place for all our dancers and something constant can provide security and lessen anxiety. If you have any questions, or concerns, please let us know. We will see you in the studio or online!

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