Francesca Stern, LISTDOwner and Artistic Director

    We appreciate that you entrust your children with us, and treasure the opportunity to instruct and inspire them.

    Francesca Stern was classically trained in ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance in London, England. Her passion for dance led her to America, studying with such visionaries as Stanley Holden and Margaret Hills. After over 30 years of teaching in England and America, she brought her extensive experience to her own studio with a vision of passing on her love of dance to the next generation. In her classes, Francesca seamlessly blends a caring nature with enough discipline to keep dancers moving forward in their craft.

    In 2014, Francesca founded Redondo Ballet, and serves as the Artistic Director with a vision of creating a home for the art of dance in the South Bay. Offering both a unique experience for young dancers and for the community, Redondo Ballet performs two original, full-scale productions per year.

    Francesca believes that learning to dance is a gift, a skill and a love that can serve you for your whole life. It is a wonderful way to nurture your body and mind, and can also fill your soul. Dedicated dancers will learn the importance of taking care of their bodies, being healthy, and practicing discipline. While making dance fun, Dance 1 is a serious place of study. In fact, students are trained in the hopes that they will continue to dance for their lifetime.

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