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Family Yoga (S) 10/20, 11/17, 12/22


Adult Ballet – Intermediate (M)
Adult Tap – Strong Beginner (M)
Adult Cardio Barre (M)
Adult and Me (M)
Adult Ballet – Beginner 55+ (M)
Combo 3 & 4
Creative Dance (M)
Ballet III (M)
Pre-Ballet (M)
Combo 4- ballet/tap (M)
Tap 1 (M)
Turns 2 (M)
Pre Tap
Adult Tap – Intermediate (M)
Ballet IV (M)
Stretches & Leaps – Beginner (M)
Stretches & Leaps – Intermediate (M)
Adult Advanced Tap (M)
Ballet I – Beginners 10+(M)
Tap 2/3- Int/Adv. (M)
Ballet VI/VII (M)
Adult Ballet – Beginner (M)


Adult Ballet – Intermediate (T)
Combo 4
Ballet I (T)
Combo 3 – ballet/tap (T)
Pre Ballet (T)
Ballet III (T)
Lyrical 1 / 2 (T)
Adult Barre Fitness (T)
Jazz 1 (T)
Ballet II (T)
Contemporary 1 (T)
Jazz Funk 2
Contemporary 1 (T)
Adult Jazz (T)
Stretches & Leaps – Beginner (T)
Jazz 5 (T)
Adult Contemporary- Beginning (T)
Stretch & Leaps – Advanced (T)


Adult Barre Fitness (W)
Adult Ballet – Strong Beginner / Ballet II (W)
Stretches, Leaps & Turns (W)- Adults
Ballet I (W)
Mini Performing Company (Invite Only) (W)
“M&Ms” Mighty Mini Company (W) (Invite Only)
Pre-Pointe- Invite only (W)
Combo 4 – ballet/tap (W) 4pm
Turns 1 (W)
Combo 5 – ballet/tap (W)
Jazz 1(W)
Ballet IV (W)
Pre Jazz (W)
Jazz 3 (W)
Tap 2/3- Int/Adv. (W)
Ballet I (W)
Adult Tap – Absolute Beginner (W)
Pre Jazz (W)
Adult Tap – Beginner / Intermediate (W)
Turns 3 (W)
Adult Ballet – Beginner (W)
Contemporary 2 (W)


Adult Ballet – Intermediate (Th)
Adult Contemporary-Intermediate (Th)
Combo 5 – ballet/tap (Th)
Pre Jazz (Th)
Hip Hop- Beginner (Th)
Ballet V (Th)
Tap 2 (Th)
Jazz 2 (Th)
Pre Ballet (Th)
Ballet II (Th)
Tap 1 (Th)
Stylized Jazz (Th)
Stretches & Leaps- Intermediate (Th)
Jazz Funk 1 (Th)
Turns 4 (Th)
Jazz 1(Th)
Ballet Pointe I (Th)
Ballet Pointe II (Th)
Jazz 4 (TH)


Stretch Fitness (F)
Adult Ballet – Intermediate (F)
Combo 3 – ballet/tap (F)
Combo 4 – ballet/tap (F)
Toddler (F)
Performing Companies (Invite Only)


Pre Jazz (S)
Adult Ballet – Advanced (S)
Ballet II (S)
Ballet I (S)
Combo 3 – ballet/tap (S)
Toddler (S)
Combo 5 – ballet/tap (S)
Ballet I (S)
Combo 4 – ballet/tap (S)
Turns 1 (S)
Ballet III (S)
Combo 5 – ballet/tap (S)
Toddler (S)
Ballet I -10+ (S)
Pre Jazz (S)
Combo 4 – ballet/tap (S)
Lyrical 3 (S)
Lyrical 5 (S)
Pre Ballet (S)
Lyrical 4 (S)
Contemporary 3 (S)
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